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Hey Dip Shits!

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It looks like we’re making some moves here in good old Goin’ Deep Show land. We’ve had an outstanding Summer of causing trouble far and wide across the Midwest and ideas are flowing for new projects and saying all the regular dumb shit into the microphone that you’ve come to enjoy.

The Back log of 2019 summer shows is plenty so for the next few weeks we’ll be releasing our usual catch up of episodes and of course we’re planning a strong start to the upcoming 2020 season of Goin’ Deep.

We’ve been doing this same old bullshit for years so why would anything be different now that we’re wrapping up a decade?

For any comments, suggestions or any of those kind of dumb ideas that we’ll most likely ignore hit us up on the listener line at 989-331-0543 and we’ll possibly take it into consideration.

If you want to call and rant about something or tell someone to eat shit, die and go to hell you can call the same number 989-331-0KID (0543) and we’ll for sure play that shit on the show.

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Goin’ Deep Show 1463: Sex in strange places

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Kid welcomes in Endo, Wild Rose and Juice where we discuss how dumb NFL players are, Tinder vs Instagram and how to people watch like crazy on it. Juice says he thinks he’s in a bad category but we disagree and give him a proper title. 

Meanwhile the ladies of the show just start dropping random ass the entire time and we all realize potty humor is always funny.

Wild Rose gives us the next big adventure that she’s heading to.

Endo wants to talk about sex in strange places which leads to some Hockeytown bathroom nastiness.

We talk sore vagina, how many black out nights effect the number of sexual partners in the count off and we wrap with getting an update on Tits McGee and her decade long absence from the show.

Listen in and Go Deep. 

Goin’ Deep Show 1462: Wild Rose can take a dick

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Kid welcomes in the lovely ladies in this episode and it includes Endo and Wild Rose. Discuss the game between the guys and the girls.  We make it aware to the world that Wild Rose is not putting up with your shit and neither is Endo. Wild Rose tells all boys to just stop shitting on women who don’t respond to your advances.

The Kid reminds everyone that he just got out of a relationship with a maniac.  On Tap Kid is drinking some KBS and he has no idea why its so damn expensive.  Wally joins in about half way and Kid catches up with his take on getting kicked out of a Traverse City Bar, Wild Rose tells us about hooking up with peeps on Instagram and we really fire off on how kids ruin our fucking lives. We wrap with Wild Rose giving us the scoop on her last bang session and we talk foreplay or not foreplay. Listen in and Go Deep. 

Goin’ Deep Show 1461: Hung like a tuna can and droppin’ ropes like Spiderman

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Kid once again welcomes in Silverback and Jaybird where we discuss briefly the one and only JMac and how domesticated he is now. Kid gives you the low down on how you get boned drinking expensive beers during the usual What’s on Tap segment. We talk about old lady porn stars from the 70s and how they hold up now a days. We regret missing out on seeing Stormy Daniels when she came to the Vu in Sagnasty. Kid gives us the lowdown on what happened to former porn star Raven Riley. Jay Bird gives us the lowdown on which porn stars he’s bumped into over the course of his autograph adventures. We review the Motley Cru movie Dirt on Netflix and ask Jay Bird if he’s been to the AVN awards.

Goin’ Deep Show 1460: Did you smell Elle Macphersons titties?

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Kid welcomes into the padded room studio the one and only Silverback and new guest Jay Bird where the trio discuss how to hunt down celebrities to get some autographs. Kid reveals the agenda of the woman and it includes them holding their pussy on a pedestal and using it as ammo to get what they want. Jay Bird talks about his history of collecting autographs, who he has, who he wants and the techniques he uses to find them. We talk pop culture, how we consumed media vs how its consumed today. Cardi B vs Bill Cosby rape and the story behind how he bumps into Elle Macpherson in Detroit.  Jay Bird talks meeting Trump, we do some what’s on tap and Silverback tells us his plan to beat the sperm bank. Listen in and Go Deep.

Goin’ Deep Show 1459: Taco Tuesday, Boner Thursday

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Kid, Endo, and Riggs drunkenly discuss whiskey dick, crazy bitches and rescuing some wheels held hostage. We discover Endo loves fart sounds as much as the Kid does. Riggs tells the tale of a cousin blasting qweefer sounds on him at the drop of a dime. We wrap up with a funeral fuck story and getting punched. Listen in. Go Deep.

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Goin’ Deep Show 1458: Do you cum after the choking and stabbing?

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Kid welcomes back Endo and newcomer Riggs to the show where they discuss bitch crazy levels, forms of transportation being held hostage, choking, belts around the neck and safe words. Kid relives dumb fucking relationshit stuff, hotels, motels and mirrors on the ceiling. We ask Riggs if he’s ever used his talent as a guitar player to land some pussy then get into some smoking discussion and nostalgia for what it used to be like to go to the bars then come home and wreak. We come to the conclusion that we don’t want to get stabbed by Endo nor any other crazy woman. Listen in. Go Deep.

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Goin’ Deep Show 1457: Motorboat his balls

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Kid welcomes back Mr. Kleen,  Mischief and Kelso into the studio where we talk AB’s of oral sex, jaw soreness and female fans with lesbian sex change problems. Kleen and his new lady discuss how you have to work into some anal, the Bowflex granny and how if you’re attractive you can get away with lots of shit. We tell the story of a little kid who made his way home with some shit in a bag. We consider doing some dumb stunt where we pee our pants and wrap up with discussing how alcohol and pussy help keep you young. Go Deep

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Goin’ Deep Show 1456: In a bloody vagina baby

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Kid welcomes back Mr. Kleen and he has with him his new lady friend known as Mischief.  Kelso also sits in but doesn’t want to say shit on the mic.  We think she’s just here for the free beer. Kid appreciates the fact that Mr. Kleen found someone who is just as awful and disgusting as he is. The Kid gives the rundown on what song he wants to remaster and Mr. Kleen sends in some lists of fat pornstars he’d bang. Mischief gives us her favorite show titles and Kleen and I throw down a few hotties of the week like we used to do. The Kid gives an assignment to the listeners to remake the song Come On Eileen with nasty dirty lyrics and cumshot sound effects put in the song.  Kid plays a classic clip from the Qweefer episode but does a little remix. We wrap up asking Kleen if he’s gonna get some banging in with his girthy dick. Go Deep

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Goin Deep Show 1455: Best first date gift ever… Buttplug

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Kid, Silverback, Chet and Endo in studio discussing industrial strength vibrators with sleeves and dolphin sound effects.  We talk random spots to bang, Silverback getting blown while DJ’ing. Endo gives us the details on riding a dick at a Korn concert, in a Doctors office bathroom and how she’s been called out for being boring. We wrap up with billionaire hand jobs and hunting humans. Go Deep.

Go Deep.

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