GDS THROWBACK: Mr. Kleen at a Christmas party 2005

Mr. Kleen decides its a good idea to call The Kid and the Phenom during his work Christmas party.  It immediately kicks into the duo ripping on every person who comes on the phone and spins way out of control.

Goin’Deep Show 1621: Hairy Effin’ Christmas

IN STUDIO:  Kid and Kleen wishing everyone a sad and unhappy Christmas. We kick off with Kid being all pissed off about the dumb holiday we’re all supposed to buy into. We rip on Joe Rogan’s show and how it’s shit now since he’s on spotify, and somehow Kleen gets accused of having a dick in his mouth. We talk about Swinger parties, The Spinning Wheel, Kleen banging a married lady at a nasty motel, Youtube suggested videos, Greg Norman swimsuit dong, and sending a very special Christmas to the wrong person.  Listen in and go Fucking Christmas Deep.