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Best of GDub
  • Wally had a Nympho – GDS 1489

    Kid / Endo / Wally / GDub – In this episode of the Goin’ Deep Show we chat about Tik Tok, decide Wally was obducted by a nymphomaniac, raped and he loved every second of it. We finally come to the conclusion that Rand Paul banged his neighbors wife and that’s why he got his ass kicked, We recap some photos of people getting do do on their pee pee, Kid tells you how to be creative shooting photos… of your balls and we do some news of a stripper and a boyfriend getting into it. We wrap up with an old clip of the gang discussing how much we’d need to get payed for GDub to whip his dick out. Listen in and go Deep.

  • The Goin' Deep Show
    Beheading the Mexican – The Kid

    In this clip from Episode 1,489 of the show The Kid clips through a news item of a mother beheading her daughter which immediately kicks into a game of guess the race. Its an instant classic. Go fucking deep assholes.

  • Stumpy sightings – GDS 1487

    Kid / Endo / Wally / GDub / JMac  – Kid kicks off the show letting all these other Goin’ Deep Shows that we’re coming after you ya fucking retards. Lets all cool it now with the word Podcasting.  Nobody fucking uses an iPod anymore.  Your show is your show and a podcast is a fucking lame word to use for this new fangled bullshit you figured out. Kid lets everyone know they are the start of their family legacy simply because of the internet and the damn cameraphone. We’ve decided that being locked off from the rest of the world is the way to be. We call Jmac and he sounds about as happy as someone getting a colonoscopy. You can almost hear the half attempt at a smile through the phone. Kid talks about some woman who was a stump at the local walmart. Wally tells us he’s got his gummy game on full effect and GDub sounds like a fucking robot.  Wally and JMac tell us they can’t get Coronavirus because of the Astro Lounge. We do our death count and Michigan is in the lead. GDub tells us how to raise your children right and what to listen to. Kid rants about sites that suggest the GDS is something good to listen to and we wrap it gallup with A classic clip from The Wally and the Wolf episode from way the fuck back in 2006. Listen in and go deep. 

  • Hunting in D-Town – GDS 1486

    Kid welcomes Wally and Gdub to this episode where we kick more Carona craziness, Kid encourages everyone to capture life because anyone who does establishes themselves as the source of their families legacy simply because there are more photos of you than any other family member. We discuss how much mayhem could happen in Detroit now that the cops all have the Coronavirus and we question Wally about heading down to help snipe some criminals.  Tom Hanks story doesn’t make sense to Wally and we don’t believe that Utah Jazz player who touched all those microphones is really sorry. We throw a shoutout to Red Bar Radio and Mike D who just keeps mocking the hell out of toilet paper people. Wally suggests we do some glitter bombs, and Kid rips on assholes who do these gender reveal parties and discusses the ticking time bomb known as a woman’s time of the month. We relive some glory days about buying CDs and what we’ll want to hear on our deathbed. Listen in Go Deep. 

  • Coronacation Part II – GDS 1485

    Kid and Endo get Gdub and Wally on the mic where we discuss the end of the world, how we’re all adjusting to the virus coming after us.  Kid tries to express to his kid how important it is to stay away from people but she’s not having it. We give everyone the low down on some old war stories involving JMac, Hat Trick, and we all decide we’re going to Wally’s compound if shit really starts to hit the fan. Listen in and Go Deep.

    1:00: Things getting cancelled

    3:00 He’s an idiot

    5:00: I’m not leaving pushing the election

    7:00: Wally ends the world

    10:00: Wally licking Hat Trick story

    13:00: Wally going down

    15:00: The Shay Story

    17:00: Bishops, JMac, Pooltable

    20:00: Lets bring down the expectations

    23:00: We’re all gonna know someone who dies

    25:00: Getting the gang on video

    27:00: One year of banging.


  • Coronacation Part I – GDS 1484

    Kid and Kleen discuss how shitty we are at just about everything, but could care the fuck less because we just chug beers until we forget. Kid makes fun of the word Podcast, asks who the fuck even has one now a days. We discuss the phenomenon of podcast pornography and who’s making it. Kleen tells us how he was banging at a hotel room one time and the guy next to his room gave him the thumbs up. We narrow in on what the D word is, discuss facial recognition and women being arrested for being topless in their own home. We throw a shout to a former buddy of ours and Kleen reveals that he’s in love. Listen in. It’s unbelievable.  Go Deep. 


  • We need to buy some hookers – GDub