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Mr. Kleen

7 Tracks

Clean it if its dirty

  • Happy St. Patrick’s day ya pussy fuck – GDS 1483

    Kid and Kleen discuss how shitty we are at just about everything, but could care the fuck less because we just chug beers until we forget. Kid makes fun of the word Podcast, asks who the fuck even has one now a days. We discuss the phenomenon of podcast pornography and who’s making it. Kleen tells us how he was banging at a hotel room one time and the guy next to his room gave him the thumbs up. We narrow in on what the D word is, discuss facial recognition and women being arrested for being topless in their own home. We throw a shout to a former buddy of ours and Kleen reveals that he’s in love. Listen in. It’s unbelievable.  Go Deep. 


  • The spin off shat show – GDS 1482

    Kid and Kleen in on this episode of Goin’ Deep where we discuss death, the fucking Coronavirus, making hard turds, how our own bodily functions are now coming up with their own podcast. We bring up a few headlines that include women making beer with her twat, breaking  your boner, dry humping stuffed animals, Kleen flirting with nurses at the bar, Social networks that he refuses to use and we wrap with what its like dating Mr. Kleen.  Listen in and Go Deep. 


  • Kleen pretended he blew a load – GDS 1475

    Kid, Kleen and Endo get in studio saying naughty things and talking about how smelly the Kid is. She gives mad props to the nut and gooch.

    Mr. Kleen talks about smelly vagina and faking an orgasm. We recap a night out with Nevaeh and how much she wants Mr. Kleen to go smoke with her.

    Endo describes beating chicks up and getting beat up. We discuss what would ruin Mr. Kleen’s marriage and it involves his X mother in law.

    We do some threesome discussion and Kid gives more rants about podcasting, the numbers behind them and how fucking retarded it is now that every toenail, nut hair and nose booger has a fucking podcast.

    Its so fucking cool.
    Go Deep fuckers.

  • Louis C.K. Blew out my eyeball – GDS 1474

    Kid & Kleen start off 2020 with discussions of blowjobs, Ball smells and cleaning your gooch so your lady doesn’t want to vomit when she’s rootin’ around down near your freaking package. 

    We discuss how women love manly smells and Kid rants way too much about how every pubic hair and the crabs that jump from them has a fucking podcast now.  Everything doesn’t need a fucking podcast.  Dial it back dipshits. 

    Kleen decided to dump his X girlfriend and live the single life again. 

    Kid recaps the Love is Blind show on Netflix, Kleen tells the story of dropping an SBD during a blowjob and the chick just kept on rolling to get the job done. 

    Kid talks about dick dribbles, and I think Endo did a number to the bed.  

    Kleen is saddened by Kid’s lack of drinking and slowing down. 

    Kid tells the listeners how he nearly lost his sight because Louis C.K. made him laugh so hard. 

    We discuss the Pull and Pray method and how Kleen is not a fan anymore of it. 

    At one point Kid tries to get Kleen to drop an N-bomb but he just can’t do it. 

    We discuss crude comments in public and how it works.  Kleen tells us the story about how some young hottie likes his butt. 

    We do our usual chat about how everyone is a big pussy. 

    The usual GDS bullshit. 

    We relive the “If you could get an extra dick” show

    Listen in and Go Deep.

  • Stop getting soft ya big pussy – GDS 1472

    Kid & Kleen kick out part 2 of the Goin’ Deep Show 15th anniversary show where the Kid rips on Hollywood movies making reboots and how life softens all of us and how much he fucking hates it. 

    He recaps the new Jay and Silent Bob reboot. 

    We sympathize with attractive people of the past and how hard it must be to cling to how you look until you turn the corner and Father Time is slapping you hard right in your grill. 

    We throw a shout out to our friend Zaldor for his encouragement of recording and Kleen tells us about his lovely Mischief and how wet he makes her. 

    We cover random hardon conversations and how Endo is usually walking around cup checkin’. 

    We talk about how different kids are now because of the phones and the access to the entire world. 

    Amazing how shit changes in 15 years. 

     Listen in Go Deep. 

  • The 15th Anniversary Show – GDS 1471

    Hey assholes this one is for you. All you dipshits that think podcasting is this awesome new platform to run your stanky mouths on, we’ve been at it since before you came squirting from your dads hairy gooch sac.

    This is the 15th anniversary of the Goin’ Deep Show.  So stick that in your asscrack and smoke it.

    Podcasting back in the day was for all these fucking nerds and geeks to go play makeup radio and somehow we happened upon it talking trash and spitting our uncut stories of grabassin’ and pissing off our women.

    So not much has changed.  We still hate ads, we still hate regular radio and we still keep this shit as uncut and fucking dumb as we can.  Just like we did 15 fucking years ago.

    So with that being said Mr. Kleen gets in studio to spout off about how much we don’t give a shit about anyone else especially all the pussy bitches who can’t handle some words. Kid discusses how his kid has the hugest shits ever known to man.

    Kid does his normal shot across the bow for the people who think they know what the podcast is all about.  Kid tells Kleen that he frosted a glass especially for Mr. Kleen and he’s really enjoying it.

    We do a little history lesson about the podcast and how a local dive bar is the place where it all began. Kleen tells us about living with his new lady, Kid and his lady and how all that shit works.

    Kid is envious of the two dudes who changed the I-75 billboard where they put up some porn on the screens. I think we wrap up talking about The Paralyzer’s mom just like we did 15 years ago.  Listen in Go Deep.

  • The world covered in load – GDS 1465

    Kid welcomes in Mr. Kleen and his sidekick Mischief.  We discuss our morality, Arnold getting his ass kicked, how often women could get off and if guys could do the same. Kid rolls through his summer concert tour and how to gage a butthole with your thumb. Kleen wraps up the evening discussing tight vs loose vag. Listen in Go Deep.