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2 Tracks
  • That guy is wearing a JLo Dress – GDS 1480

    Kid, Silverback and Endo discuss chest hair and when that shit was popular, we do some scaraoke, sing some Milli Vanilli, Endo disses Faith no more a little, talk about originality, Color me bad and fashion of the early 90s. We try to convince Silverback to get into Tik Tok. We throw some mad props to a local who kills it on TikTok and we discuss Jim Carey and we dive deep into real life vs the podcast. Endo gives us our fact of the day to wrap it up. Go Deep. 

  • Dinger Dongers and terrible ass – GDS 1479

    Kid & Endo in studio welcome Mr. Crowley and Pineapple for another Goin’ Deep Show where Kid gets triggered by dumbass bitches and Endo tries to fart in his face when he’s doing something down there. We discuss getting caught banging, eating ass and who’s in charge of the trimming and who’s in charge of the rimming. This one is off the rails and its pretty much retarded from the get go discussing ass eating and numbers. Don’t Listen. Don’t go Deep.