Goin’ Deep Show 1696: Have some self control

Goin' Deep Show Episode 1696

Kid and Kleen yap about eating snickers out of buttcracks, pornstars hot enough to do all sorts of dumb shit to get, Mr. Kleen likes Karen haircuts, celebs cary their own sex devices and we encourage listeners to buy us a beer. Go Deep. 


1:00 Hit thegds.com

2:00 Buy us a freaking beer

3:00 Letterman interviews

4:00 Kleen’s guilty pleasure 

5:00 Mr. Kleen likes Jason Lee

6:00 Opposite of her personality

7:00 Kid hating on short hairdos

8:00 Complaining late 

9:00 Pee Pee or vag

10:00 Liberator wedgie thing 

11:00 Backpack sex toy 

12:00 Heather VanDevin 

13:00 Gotta be way over the hill now 

14:00 Not a lot of space near the butthole 

15:00 I call it the Ani 

16:00 We had it then yahoo fucked it

17:00 Poop Snicker 

18:00 Man up and eat the snicker 

19:00 Final Words – Self control 

Go Deep.

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