Goin’ Deep Show 1738: Drink when Kleen says numbers

Goin' Deep Show Episode 1738

Kid and Kleen get predictable as usual. Kid gets pissed, Kleen says a bunch of numbers and we rip on some fat tubby bitches.  The usual. Go Deep. 


1:00 Shut your mouth – New Mic stuff

2:00 Fucking garbage – Kleen’s new fav

3:00 Topless – Segura present

4:00 One up 40k present

5:00 I found a bottle cap, its not a sign

6:00 40 K birthday present

7:00 Ya fucking cunt 

8:00 Almost 10 and 11 episodes

9:00 All of the subjects all of the things

10:00 Letting your kid get fat 

11:00 Stop talking about your fucking weight loss 

12:00 My Kid decides to skip 

13:00 The Kid’s Kid trying to pull a fast one 

14:00 No communication when the phones gone 

15:00 Having an issue with the X 

16:00 Come on fatty’s lets get dropping some pounds

17:00 Go for a family walk 

18:00 Smoke yourself to death 

19:00 Final Words – Red Eye Sex Robot Coasters 

Go Deep.

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