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Goin Deep Show 1453: The in studio box of porn

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Episode 1453 has Kid, Silverback and Thundercat HO joins us where we dive straight into the porn box, relive our first visions of hardcore hardcopy magazine style porno. Silverback tells us how his friends toss him under the bus. Kid is scared of strong pussy and it stems from the porn he saw in his youth. We make fun of Thundercat because she has an old dude asking her out. We wonder for a quick second how many vagina’s we’ve seen and how long it took to just be numb to them. We discuss a bit of our local comedy scene and how we’ve been checking it out. We hit on a few pop culture things, Hot shows on Netflix, Tattoos and Gun Shows.

Go Deep.

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Goin’ Deep Show 1452: The idiot vortex

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Kid and Silverback in on this the 1452nd episode of the Goin’ Deep Show.  Some Thundercat joins us from parts unknown. We’re dreaming of summer with our On Tap segment to start it out drinking some tasty summertime drink.

Kids idiocy vs Silverbacks idiocy control. We ask Thundercat if she likes anyone at her workplace and how often she gets asked out.

We talk ink blot dick art, rulers to measure that shit and songs from the 80s that tell you that you can have a good time with your clothes on but probably a way better time with em laying on the fucking floor.

We talk beer prices, calories and how dumb politics is these days.  Kid watches some inspirational speeches online and tries to think good things.

We ask Thundercat about someone making moves on her.

Go Deep.

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Goin’ Deep Show 1451: Inspirational Pornhub comments

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Goin’ Deep Show 1451: Silverback and  Touchy McGropiefeels aka Finger McFingertons. We kick off the show wondering who the fuck is making the comments on the Pornhub site. Chaturbate info and Old porn stars kick off this episode of the program and we fire off some news headlines.


  • Former Miss America contestant arrested for sending sexy pics to former student.
  • McDonalds All American Slam Dunk Contest Male vs Female Dunkers
  • Tinder date murdered

We touch on the fact that we live in a very unique time where we’re connected with everyone yet feel its okay to ignore people as if they didn’t exist. We get some info on Tinder vs Bumble and Silverback gets his late night workout in at Planet Fitness.

Kid talks about work vs fun and relaxing vs being uptight vs being creative and doing what you want and living life.

The Kid has no intentions of settling down . EVER and doesn’t even bat an eye at jealous shit. There’s no fight in this mother fucker.

We wrap with a hottie of the week and tell everyone to stay tuned for oh so much more Goin’ Deep Show in the coming weeks.

Go Deep.

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This week in Goin’ Deep Show history JMac lights up his counter after puking

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In this weeks clip of classic Goin’ Deep Show the Mayor JMac and Wally do some day drinking after an afternoon of stuffing their faces at Pizza Hut.  The pizza wins in this one as Wally reveals to the world that JMac is a pussy puker and yacked it up after mixing shots. Did we mention he then lights the countertop on fire. Go Deep.

Goin’ Deep Show 1446: We’re ripping the door off your house

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IN THIS EPISODE OF THE GOIN’ DEEP SHOW: Kid and Mr. Crowley make fun of all the assholes who love this awesome new thing called podcasting. Fucking lame. We make fun of the fucktard hipsters of the future who will refuse to listen to music on whatever device they’ll have. We talk about the vinyl that the Kid bought his kid, some technology that we like but have gotten lazy with and he gives Mr. Crowley specific instructions on how to light a fire under his ass. We throw a shout to The Future of Comedy show that we’ve been going to see. Kid gets frustrated with his lack of soundboard organization and wonders where his boner board is. We’ve boiled down relationships to their core, asks what would trigger any of us and figuring out what pisses everyone off. Mr. Crowley gives us the lowdown on his recent interaction with some amazing booty. Too bad she was a little SJW. We start to read a very long message but have to carry it into the next episode. Stay tuned. Go Deep.

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Goin’ Deep Show 1445: Don’t mess with fatty’s. They’ll kill you.

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IN THIS EPISODE OF THE GOIN’ DEEP SHOW: Kid and Silverback in the studio discussing a little baseball, some geek shit, politics and wonder why guys just can’t have shit now without some bullshit snowflake having a fucking problem with it. The Kid throws out his worse search term story… again and to make up for it gives everyone a hottie of the week. This week its Inga Lis. We talk about death via the workout and how we Loooove workout Instagram. On Tap we do some heavy beers and how fat we’ve gotten this offseason. Silverback recaps his Chicago New Years trip and how not to plan a hangover. Kid wants to address the SJW’s of the world and how everyone just needs to mind their own fucking business. We hit on the Louis CK leaked set and who gives a figgety-fuck about assholes who can’t chill the fuck out. Agree to disagree ya dumb fucks.  Stop trying to ruin everyone’s good time. We do some music talk where we try to figure out what the ever living fuck is going on with the top 50 songs on Spotify and the Kid has fucking figure out why it sucks hairy balls. Silverback is going to be the next Flea and its all for the groupies.We wrap up with news that includes

    • Fatties who killed their dads
  • Farting felons

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