Goin’ Deep Show 1726: BJ’s are the answer

Kid and Kleen play some polka music, give you a hottie of the week and make fun of Kardashians and their huge fucking asses.  Kleen makes up words, talks about a drinking dog and the Kid is not wanting any nakedness online. Go Deep. 

Goin’ Deep Show 1635: Paper baggin’ it with a whale

Kid, Kleen and Endo get in studio to discuss Male vs Female crap, Crowbarring sexual orientation into everyday culture and someone in the studio wants to bang Adam Sandler. We throw down a not so obscure sexual term, tell everyone not to be scared of Goin’ Deep and also to appreciate the Whale Hunters of the world. Mr. Kleen gives us the details of the Ugly vs Hot game and we wrap with us yapping about the differences in our hottie preferences. Go Deep. 

Goin’ Deep Show 1602: Shut the hell up nerds

Kid and Kleen attempt to recap a few more of the last 100 but then simply get distracted and go off on a tangent. Endo calls in mid show to correct the Kid who is pissed off at nerds who think because they saw something 5 years ago that it means something because they saw it first.  Fuck that shit ya lame assholes. Listen in and go Fucking Deep.