Goin’ Deep Show 1459: Taco Tuesday, Boner Thursday

Kid, Endo, and Riggs drunkenly discuss whiskey dick, crazy bitches and rescuing some wheels held hostage. We discover Endo loves fart sounds as much as the Kid does. Riggs tells the tale of a cousin blasting qweefer sounds on him at the drop of a dime. We wrap up with a funeral fuck story and […]

Goin’ Deep Show 1458: Do you cum after the choking and stabbing?

Kid welcomes back Endo and newcomer Riggs to the show where they discuss bitch crazy levels, forms of transportation being held hostage, choking, belts around the neck and safe words. Kid relives dumb fucking relationshit stuff, hotels, motels and mirrors on the ceiling. We ask Riggs if he’s ever used his talent as a guitar […]