Goin’ Deep Show 1449: I thought about a Midget fucking a diarrhea donkey


The hunt continues to search for Halloween party pics but all we seem to find is more of our moonshine. This, of course, makes it way harder to find anything.

Kid gets concerned that his browser knows what he wants even when he doesn’t even know.

We review the After Porn series on Netflix which features a tattoo covered Bonnie Rotten

Kid expresses his disappointment in not going to see two legends in porn industry that visited the area then dives straight into an annoying scene involving Peter North and Christy Canyon.


  • Tittie fucking scenarios
  • How nobody wants to see a guys face when he gets off
  • A hat tip to the women who put up with fucking us.
  • Mr. Crowley makes his directorial debut with some raw footage
  • Lady smelly parts and trimmed vag
  • The gooch piercing
  • Wally throws his 2 cents in
  • Meeting a girl on Craigslist who is into golden showers
  • Poop vs Pee and whats off limits
  • Serious News vs Porn Sound FX

Go Deep.

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