Goin’ Deep Show 1603: Smell a horny woman

Some stanky in studio and it isn’t from Mr. Kleen’s asshole.  Kid is frustrated on a few levels, what else is new? We kick out some stories of dudes in lines getting pissed and shooting people, A sex game and skid marked underwear. We wrap with some nonsense about a chick trying to get some cash from an old man then turning her into the Paralyzer’s Hottie of the week.  Time for a wholesome mix of dumb shit on top of stupid shit. Listen in and go Fucking Deep. 


1:00 Kid makes fun of Queer-bait

2:00 Shims 

3:00 The Sex point system

4:00 Kleen surprised he won 

5:00 Ice ball fucked the fridge – Kleen’s fridge 

6:00 Getting called out for ads – Time crunch 

7:00 Its stinky in the studio 

8:00 Kleen stories – Echo 

9:00 Kid at the bar 

10:00 The center of attention 

11:00 Kid’s frustration level 

12:00 Waiting in line sucks 

13:00 Arguing with the cashier 

14:00 Pull a gun and shoot 

15:00 Pissed at popups 

16:00 Skid marks on your undies 

17:00 Agressive man vs Aggressive woman 

18:00 Force me to go to my phone 

19:00 looks like Nicole Kidman 

20:00 Kid turns on the bitch 

21:00 This will continue 

22:00 Dirty sex talk – Random list 

23:00 Kleen doesn’t like Twitter 

24:00 Stupid asian playing poke mon 

25:00 Poke Mon Shit 

26:00 PHOTW – Charlotte Kirk 

27:00 Industrious and sociable model scammer 

28:00 She was resourceful 

29:00 Final Words – Stripper of the street

Go Deep.

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