Goin’ Deep Show 1623: Pissing off a Puerto Rican

IN STUDIO:  Kid and Mr. Kleen in studio but Kleen is hurting after getting up late after throwing his back out from banging Cooch.  In this one we discuss how Spoo entered the world of the Goin’ Deep Show, giving nicknames to women’s lady parts, how little of a shit we’ll give to just about everything when we’re in our 80s and how shitty movies are now. Kid laughs at Forged in Fire, tries to be convinced that Asians are attractive and we tease everyone with a new segment where we hunt down a former show hosts mother. We wrap up with a classic Red Eye clip and hotties in movies.  Listen in and go Fucking Deep. 


1:00 Don’t kill yourself

2:00 Spoo got ahold of us 

3:00 Name Magnums vagina 

4:00 What the fuck – What’s bother in you 

5:00 Kleen’s cancer sticks – Pole up the ass 

6:00 Kleen brought articles man! Just do it  

7:00 Come on Kleen that story sucks 

8:00 Kleen giving me videos instead of stories 

9:00 Kid did not want to rant today 

10:00 When you’re 81 years old you could give zero fucks 

11:00 Pussy little bitches – Please call me what I want

12:00 Keep on trucking’ along with life 

13:00 Movies now have become so freaking lame 

14:00 The darker version of Mr. Kleen 

15:00 Convince me of the Asian 

16:00 Addicted to Forged in Fire

17:00 When they chop and blood is spraying 

18:00 The reporter doing the Podcast Interview 

19:00 First of the year – Paralyzer’s mom 

20:00 Trying to get a response from The Paralyzer 

21:00  Pissing off a Puerto Rican

22:00 Hotties on the list – Raquel Welch  

23:00 Halle Berry Tittie whip 

24:00 Best Halle Berry Movie 

25:00 Getting a boner – The genital area 

26:00 Wrapping up the year – Counting episodes 

27:00 Recording without the timer 

28:00 Give us a call at 989-331-0543 

29:00 Final Words –  Red Eye Classic clip

Go Deep.

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