Goin’ Deep Show 1647: What all the Gays love to eat

Kid goes back and plays a classic clip of an angry black guy discussing banging some honkey bitches then tries to remember what pissed the dumbass off. We discuss some classic porno, and the Kid is a little bitch in this one ranting about some dumb shit that he shouldn’t. We wrap with Chastity dong, Kleen’s Google search history and midget tossing. Go Deep. 


1:00 My little book tells me when shit happens

2:00 Robo Kleen 

3:00 Grew up not even knowing 

4:00 What pissed this guy off so bad 

5:00 Reaching out to the Phenom 

6:00 Not wanting to see dicks  

7:00 Brandi Love pool party 

8:00 Honey Wilder old porno 

9:00 Kleen carrying around porn in his wallet 

10:00 Evan Stone 

11:00 Kleen’s got a thing

12:00 Great voice, but fucked face 

13:00 Mentally retarded 

14:00 Gay friends love eating ass 

15:00 No dudes in here 

16:00 Wild crazy stories then nothing

17:00 The Chastity dong thingy 

18:00 That’s alot of jerking off 

19:00 Kleen’s favorite black porn star 

20:00 The way Kleen words things 

21:00 Kleen’s google search terms 

22:00 Two Hundred gigs of Stern  

23:00 Pictures at a strip club 

24:00 Midget tossing video 

25:00 Da Da Da Da Da 

26:00 Yelling at Kleen 

27:00 Have a conversation 

28:00 I think the black chick liked me 

29:00 Final Words –  

Go Deep.

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