Goin’ Deep Show 1654: Most disturbing 70s scene ever

Kid and Kleen do some major research on the most disturbing porn scene they’ve ever seen. There wa sa shooting at Hooters in Saginasty, Kleen wants to look at midgets but all we have is some rape fantasy. Kid hocks a loony, and we wrap up with cheating on your sex doll. Go Deep.


1:00 Tell us how much we suck

2:00 Good morning dumb dumb

3:00 Shooting at Saginaw Hooters

4:00 Lesbo almost wants to call

5:00 The most disturbing porn ever

6:00 Kleen getting faster on the boards

7:00 Krotchville Township

8:00 Sagnasty areas

9:00 Midget for Kleen

10:00 See the Midge

11:00 Kleen likes the shorties

12:00 Hot bitch dies in parking ramp

13:00 Fucking hot moron

14:00 If she was ugly we wouldn’t care

15:00 Hocking a loogie on a Telephone book

16:00 Vintage 360 porn

17:00 70s porn driving into a tree

18:00 Kleen knows the porn stars

19:00 This is awful

20:00 We’re just trying to help

21:00 Going to town on the bitch

22:00 Putting her back together

23:00 Where do you suppose I come from

24:00 Couldn’t pass that one up

25:00 Cheating on his sex doll

26:00 Underwear inside out

27:00 Bodybuilder beefcake

28:00 Stroking off with something

29:00 Final Words –

Go Deep.

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