Goin’ Deep Show 1663: Suck a Cheeta Dick

Kid, Silverback and Spoo from Atlanta yap over some awful Spoo audio. We play some Classic Wesley Willis, Ex’s working at breweries, Ice Cube Raider caps and riots are brought up. We realize Don Rickles would have a hard time in todays world with all the sensitive pussies, We play a little Throat Babies, and Ava Devine. Audio a little shaky in this one from Spoo’s phone. Go deep.


1:00 Going through file cabinets

2:00 Holy shit why would you write this

3:00 Wesley Willis

4:00 Suck a Cheetas dick (remixed)

5:00 Shot N Shell – Wesley Willis

6:00 Suck a Cheetas dick (original)

7:00 Play that at my kids 3rd birthday

8:00 The x working at the brewery

9:00 Being a private person

10:00 That’s still bothering you

11:00 Being over it – Ice Cube raiders cap

12:00 70s disturbing porn

13:00 Don Rickles

14:00 Wear the shit that was your best

15:00 Webster introducing Don Rickles

16:00 Throwing insults to come back at me

17:00 Alf – That’s not a brotha – loves pussy

18:00 No more oral sex song

19:00 Killer Mike – Rap duo

20:00 Run the Jewels

21:00 Throat Babies

22:00 Bust all on you

23:00 Whats next?

24:00 No more The MAP name – Phenom

25:00 Tech difficulties with Spoo

26:00 Hail Satan

27:00 Ava Devine

28:00 Cum load brewing in there

29:00 Final Words – Cock Keurig

Go Deep.

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