Goin’ Deep Show 1667: Kleen’s moonshine interruption

Kleen laughs for no reason…. well not true. It’s because he’s fucked up on Moonshine. Zaldor joins in from outer space where we bring up Kevin Smith, Brunette curvy chicks, Brandi Love, people blaming the show for their fucked up relationships and we tell everyone how many drinks are appropriate. Raining cum and amber alerts with a movie star to wrap it up. Go Deep. 


1:00 Zaldor in a big black hole

2:00 Names of the activity feed at The Fallen 

3:00 The Feed 

4:00 Kevin Smith scare 

5:00 What planet is Zaldor on?  

6:00 Always looking down  

7:00 Kleen drunk on moonshine 

8:00 Lets call it cleavage  

9:00 Brunette curvy as shit 

10:00 Where did you find this Kleen 

11:00 Brandi Love info

12:00 Finding ways to be happy 

13:00 Keep shop and don’t worry 

14:00 The Rookie and the blame 

15:00 Kleen’s Ex blaming the show 

16:00 Kleen is getting drunk 

17:00 Rain and cum 

18:00 Amber alert for Chuckie 

19:00 Billboard hijacking porno 

20:00 Floating heads 

21:00 Some bitch will pay you for it 

22:00 12 drinks a week  

23:00 Talking over the Kid – Zaldor wrap 

24:00 Shows on the 8HOL.com network 

25:00 Try to give a shit about other shows 

26:00 Selfish fuck 

27:00 No sweats in public 

28:00 Boring squirrels 

29:00 Final Words – Don’t shit your pants 

Go Deep.

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