Goin’ Deep Show 1679: The Leprechaun butthole

Kid and Kleen celebrate this St. Patricks day where we get pissed about canceled parades, no drinking in large groups and Mr. Kleen reveals he hasn’t participated in the antics of a Bay City Michigan St. Patrick’s Day. Kid distances himself from white males by pulling his Mexican card, we talk about John Wick, cults, religion, fuzzy balls, homophobia, and drinking.  It’s a well-rounded St. Patrick’s day edition of the show. Listen in. Go Deep.


1:00 The Idiot Rainman of the show

2:00 They squirt everywhere

3:00 How about some midget stories

4:00 You can’t make fun of some people now

5:00 Kid and new comics

6:00 They finally stopped making fun of us

7:00 Everybody has a handicap

8:00 Damn what I want.  A guy doesn’t matter

9:00 Getting destroyed on St. Patty’s day

10:00 Breaking news – The Phenom coming home

11:00 Former St. Patrick’s days

12:00 Cancellation of the parade

13:00 Some kind of fuzzy balls

14:00 The Devil being your spokesperson

15:00 Kid running in the parade

16:00 Green Hut sleeveless

17:00 Drinks flowing – crazy party

18:00 Fuck safety

19:00 I’m a victim

20:00 Sisters who can dance

21:00 Opposition of religion

22:00 You do that shit if you want

23:00 John Wick – gay porn

24:00 Shoot em up, Halle Berry

25:00 Guys movie

26:00 Shooting guns

27:00 Cults – John Wick – Prostitutes

28:00 You can’t get a kid to do shit now

29:00 Final Words – Outlandish

Go Deep.

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