Goin’ Deep Show 1682: I think she farted on my dick

Goin' Deep Show Episode 1682

Kid is happy a podcast of old has returned and hates on one that is making a valiant attempt but failing miserably. We do the apology tour that everyone seems to be on and we talk about a famous tit getting whipped out. Kleen wants to follow up on all the Z list celeb cum dumpsters and we throw a shout to an MMA fighter begging Miley Cyrus for a date. Endo gets creative and shaves her pussy hair into letters and Kid wants to let someone pay to put cornrows in his pubes. We wrap with Kleen giving us info about a former nympho that he once banged and we talk about chicks who fart. Go Deep. 


1:00 School and children… nope

2:00 Kid has nothing – The book of secrets 

3:00 The gutter of the world 

4:00 Throwing a shout to Mr. Shark Attack 

5:00 Lady Starfish & Mr. Shark Attack Show 

6:00 Mid Michigan Podcast History  

7:00 Talking about a big old dump 

8:00 Um Um Um Um 

9:00 Hot ass mess – Um Um Um 

10:00 Playing another clip 

11:00 Selling boobs to retards – mommy crap

12:00 Stop filling up the dead space 

13:00 Bill Murray from Kingpin Hair 

14:00 The Apology Tour 

15:00 The Jackson tit whip 

16:00 Z list celeb cum dumpster 

17:00 Tiger Blood and HIV motherfucker 

18:00 Endo and Miley – MMA Fighter

19:00 Endo shaved her pubes into letters  

20:00 Ebay allowing Kid to offer up his pube corn rows 

21:00 More than one wife – Dumbest idea ever 

22:00 Having a nympho  

23:00 Making up for her butt ugliness 

24:00 Did you ever get sick of the nympho 

25:00 Bang and drink at 10 am then bang again 

26:00 Kleen’s number system – farting all the time 

27:00 My fart doesn’t smell at all 

28:00 What’s coming up in the next show 

29:00 Final Words –  It’s so deep.

Go Deep.

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