Goin’ Deep Show 1698: Kidnapped by strippers

Goin' Deep Show Episode 1698

Kid and Kleen are request a kidnapping of the two hosts to a strip club, Kleen knows of some assholes taking advantage of the system, drunken dogs, eating out, getting fat and ugly bitches. Go Deep. 


1:00 Uuuuhhh – go deep 

2:00 Attack Radio everyone

3:00 German Shepard drunk

4:00 Fucked up

5:00 Trying to get a seat anywhere

6:00 Pounds

7:00 Packing on some pounds

8:00 Her face was terrible

9:00 A show with LB and the Phenom

10:00 Covid Relief pay 

11:00 Self Censor – taking advantage 

12:00 Assholes living with themselves  

13:00 Kleen older – Simpler life  

14:00 Pussy and what you leave behind 

15:00 Don’t do it Kleen – booo 

16:00 Who has the time?

17:00 Kidnapped by strippers 

18:00 New Movies 

19:00 Final Words – Satan assurances 

Go Deep.

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