Goin’ Deep Show 1712: Spitting in mouths

Goin' Deep Show Episode 1712

Kid, Kleen, Zaldor and L.B. in studio discussing a card game that L.B. wants to take to the strip club, Spitting in mouths, not fucking up relationships, nasal strips, Campbell soup cock and how long can you date someone named Sky. Go Deep. 


1:00 Turn that microphone so we can hear ya

2:00 I don’t have my reading glasses

3:00 Strip club and the deck of cards

4:00 This could be great

5:00 Spit in their mouth

6:00 Face to the bed

7:00 Campbell’s Soup Can

8:00 How long did you go out with Sky

9:00 Trying not to fuck it up

10:00 Getting older and learning 

11:00 Kleen the freak 

12:00 Getting some time out  

13:00 Gotta keep moving 

14:00 Nasal strip sleep 

15:00 NFL players wear em 

16:00 Kleen’s Cooch visits

17:00 Working 24/7 

18:00 Doing it just because 

19:00 Final Words – Dr. Nurse F Show 

Go Deep.

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