Goin’ Deep Show 1714: We have the Relationshits

Kid, Kleen, L.B. and Zaldor in studio trying to figure out relationship crap. Our opinions are retarded so just don’t listen to us. Go Deep. 


1:00 Listener Line What is it Kleen

2:00 Kleen vs Kid talk

3:00 Well no shit asshole

4:00 Zaldor has an X wife

5:00 Compromise? 

6:00 Are you different than you were in the past

7:00 Married at 22

8:00 Past the relationship stuff

9:00 Good relationship with the X

10:00 Invite your Ex for a drink 

11:00 Kleen using Zaldor as an example 

12:00 Ruining relationships – Children 

13:00 Promise coming to see you 

14:00 Promises suck balls 

15:00 Promise shit 

16:00 More commitment without the ring

17:00 Divorce should be easier 

18:00 Married shit 

19:00 Final Words – Good luck moos 

Go Deep.

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