Goin’ Deep Show 1717: Bookmarking Porn


Kid, Kleen and Zaldor get geeky on your ass during the first half of this one then we try to track down a jizz filled computer of Mr. Kleen’s that probably has a few hundred thousand hidden treasures inside it. We fondly look back at calls from around the world and how much of an asshole the Kid is, was and will be. Listen in. Go Deep. 


1:00 How you been man?

2:00 Who the Kid reaches out to

3:00 Zaldor’s wife’s phone

4:00 Two different operating systems

5:00 Trying to use a PC once

6:00 Choose to get a new computer

7:00 Kleen’s old computer full of stuff

8:00 The Fijian Princess

9:00 I was shocked she stayed on the phone

10:00 Kleen bookmarked porn? 

11:00 Banging on your door for the computer 

12:00 No saints 

13:00 Covid bang haircuts 

14:00 Just because she said to do it 

15:00 Long hair vs Baldman 

16:00 Shaving head since 2000

17:00 Full circle back to shit 

18:00 Two 8 inch cocks 

19:00 Final Words –  Yikes. Encourage you, Uplift you

Go Deep.

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