Goin’ Deep Show 1731: Suggestions for a real YouTube Channel

Goin' Deep Show Episode 1731

We contemplate how much we’re needed, how judgmental the Kid is, and we go off on a tangent giving suggestions to how Kleen can up his YouTube game by adding in a more Goin’ Deep Style of nonsense. . Go Deep. 


1:00 The Dozonians

2:00 Breastaurant

3:00 Slight interruption

4:00 Regular headache vs migraine

5:00 Gaggle of Midgets

6:00 20 bucks ya cheap bastard

7:00 How often are you biting your tongue

8:00 Replace the batteries

9:00 I’m here to completely judge

10:00 Do something different Kleen 

11:00 What makes you want to make stuff 

12:00 Take a Goin’ Deep Show angle 

13:00 You sound like Jim Carrey 

14:00 Put some KKK shit on em 

15:00 Nice guy battle vs waitress 

16:00 You’d be shocked how nice I am

17:00 Covered in poop 

18:00 Child abuse charges for poop covering 

19:00 Final Words – Fake head arrest

Go Deep.

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