Goin’ Deep Show 1745: Fireworks mayhem indoors

Sex robots turning on us, hottie of the week, Simms video games and hating dumb shit all in this episode of The Goin’ Deep Show.  Kid tells everyone about his love of fireworks mishaps and we try to get people to stop with the parties with themes. Go Deep. 


1:00 Future Hottie

2:00 Arby’s roast beef sammich

3:00 Demi Rose

4:00 Stop Jackin’ already

5:00 Fuck pornhubs of the world

6:00 Exactly like I said – its real online

7:00 What made you think of the guy sex doll

8:00 Bitches turning on the man

9:00 Dishes and crying

10:00 Interchangeable lego people 

11:00 The Simms – Sex mods 

12:00 Why play a game of life 

13:00 Expressing some hate 

14:00 Stop coming up with lame reasons 

15:00 The mayhem of the gender reveal 

16:00 Fucking asshole dogs

17:00 Fireworks at a play 

18:00 Firecrackers in a fence 

19:00 Final Words –  

Go Deep.

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