Goin’ Deep Show 1747: The Vagina Tattoo

Kid and Kleen do the numbers game and that means you’re doing the drinking game.  We watch a bitch get her pussy tattoo’d and we do a porn review featuring a few legends.  Kleen gives out his porn name and we tell you how to make your dick harder. Go Deep. 


1:00 HI everyone

2:00 What years

3:00 Top 5 answers on the board

4:00 High and Drunk fucking

5:00 Harder dick

6:00 Vicky Vette

7:00 Who is Vicky Vette fucking?

8:00 At least I’m not these two dipshits

9:00 Self control thing

10:00 Still plenty of dick 

11:00 Gripping the dick 

12:00 Full movies and trying asprin 

13:00 The number and pussy tattoo 

14:00 Scott Hampton 

15:00 Zipper Hampton 

16:00 Not sure if she’s hot enough

17:00 Painful pussy tattoo 

18:00 The Balls to tattoo your pussy 

19:00 Final Words –  Jerk to granny

Go Deep.

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