Goin’ Deep Show 1755: Lets hammer that throat

Kid and Kleen learn shit, wonder about Alyssa Milano, Smells that women can sniff out, face fucking, and what guys really want. Go Deep. 


1:00 Kid ramping up the topics

2:00 Kleen wants to milk a bitch

3:00 The Kid learned something

4:00 Sneaking white supremacy into Jeopardy

5:00 Alyssa Milano still might be hot

6:00 She sells MLB items

7:00 Women can smell other women

8:00 Can I smell yo dick

9:00 They would have some problems

10:00 Make the hurt stop 

11:00 No, something not quite right there 

12:00 Like face fucking on your knees 

13:00 Dripification 

14:00 Lube and fecal matter – The Santorum 

15:00 Improve your audio quality you dumb fuckers 

16:00 Thinking about nothing

17:00 Baseball, Beer, Boobs, Sleep 

18:00 Desk masturbation 

19:00 Final Words – Preview 

Go Deep.

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