Goin’ Deep Show 1773: Tattoo on the butthole hairs

Goin' Deep Show Episode 1773

Kid and Kleen talk, tattoo’s, gamers, boner sponsors, tiny voices, angry road rage incidents, pissing off purple haired people with Joe Rogan clips and belts around the neck.  Its a wholesome one fuckers.. Go Deep. 


1:00 First things we’re doing – Kid’s an idiot

2:00 Gamer, Gamer – Action

3:00 Tattoo sponsorship on my butthole

4:00 They look real but are they

5:00 Sponsored by boners around the world

6:00 Inner Dialog – porn houses

7:00 OH yeah titties and butt and voice oh my

8:00 Tiny voices saying dumb shit

9:00 You got a problem – Angry white vs black

10:00 He copies the black man’s road rage 

11:00 Why don’t you kiss my fucking dick 

12:00 Pissing off anyone with purple hair 

13:00 People want you in on their cause 

14:00 Intelectual dark web – Joe Rogan WTF?  

15:00 Talent of the blondes 

16:00 Some chicks are into that

17:00 The belt around the neck – hotness? 

18:00 Concerned that this could go bad 

19:00 Final Words – It is magical – Superhot – Crazy? 

Go Deep.

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