Goin’ Deep Show 1775: Thunderlips in the flesh baby

Kleen tries to use logic and it just doesn’t work on this goddamn show. We play a clip from Rocky and a Judge calls out ButtFucker3000 for his awesome screen name. We mansplain what mansplaining is. Go Deep. 


1:00 Raven Riley Expose

2:00 Sparking a memory – Rocky III

3:00 Thunderlips walking to the Ring

4:00 Sorry for your luck – Thunderlips

5:00 Take pics of the lips

6:00 Rocky III Clip

7:00 Rocky you better call Bob Hope

8:00 That’s how the world operates

9:00 Knowing about the Paralyzer’s package – Story 1

10:00 The next clip 

11:00 Judge and the Buttfucker 3000 

12:00 Your name’s not Buttfucker 3000 

13:00 Showing sensitivities about names and word 

14:00 We live in a world now where everyone has to be protected 

15:00 Bluetooth Speaker – Inside Joke name 

16:00 Mansplaining – Chair break

17:00 She was doing the dishes like any good girl would 

18:00 Shut the fuck up just do your chores 

19:00 Final Words – Coffee time 

Go Deep.

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