Goin’ Deep Show 1784: Waving to Stumpy

Kid and Kleen tell you ways to really stick it in someones face, go into stump porn, tell you how women body shame men but don’t expect to be body shamed,  and did we tell you the boys went to Pride not not knowing it was pride night.  WTF? Listen in. Go Deep. 


1:00 Remembering things I can’t

2:00 Waving to the guys with no hands

3:00 Flaunting what you don’t have

4:00 An idea who’s time has come

5:00 Black guys with arm sized dick – Man Arm

6:00 I’ve heard of the shocker but no stumper

7:00 Taking a stump

8:00 Not knowing its Pride Night

9:00 Undies down the street, butts exposed

10:00 It was straight night 

11:00 I’m not gonna tell you what to do 

12:00 It’s Clip time: Body Shaming 

13:00 What a girl wants 

14:00 Guys don’t have feelings 

15:00 Holy Shit – Handle that you should see 

16:00 De Robing

17:00 Nice Wiggle 

18:00 Red Eye Sex Robot Wrap-up  

19:00 Final Words – Start your own stump Crew 

Go Deep.

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