Goin’Deep Show 1809: Coat your dick in sugar

Kid and Kleen bring you the show sponsored by sweaty taint, do some sexy talk to an imaginary friend, relive a story of a chick licking ice cream off a dick and we wag our finger at Kleen for stealing a protector of the U.S. We wrap with phones connected to ass and Salma Hayek. Go Deep. 


1:00 Brought to you by the nut sweat of my taint 

2:00 How do you get this out

3:00 Pull the panties down just a little

4:00 Love yourself as much as possible

5:00 Whip cream on nips – food stuff

6:00 Girlfriend ice creaming the dick

7:00 Ice cream off the dick

8:00 Kleen and the coast guard wife

9:00 She said they were seperated

10:00 Dad gave me the thumbs up 

11:00 Get the fuck out – no matter how hard you try 

12:00 Singing Black Velvet 

13:00 He gave you the thumbs up 

14:00 Hi everybody – she knows you  

15:00 Twat Cumphrey 

16:00 Decade ahead

17:00 Phone attached to butt 

18:00 Getting into a groove – try to maintain 

19:00 Final Words –  Salma Hayek is dirty – lets kleen her

Go Deep.

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