Goin’ Deep Show 1774: Angry Loogy Hocker PTSD

Kid finds camo for the first time in his life, Hates eating at the Jap restaurant, rants about religious people and plays a clip of some dude clearing his throat angrily. We ask Kleen about his social media activities and discuss our little walled off garden. Go Deep. 

Goin’ Deep Show 1626: Devil worship killing spree


Happy fucking new year ya GDS Freaks! In this episode of the show we kick off the new year with talk of Mr. Kleen’s disgusting hot brown box, Kid tries to get 5 BJs in a day and we give all the ladies the secret to keeping their man happy. We rip some farts, throw down some burps, discuss the horny devil, the balance of good and evil and do it all while trying not to kill people. We find something that Endo would not, could not participate in, It involves the sacriment. We fire away on some news items including devil worshipping murderers, the mark of the beast and Aliens visiting this sorry ass planet. We wrap up with a Paralyzer’s Hottie of the Week, and its not his mom…. this time. Go Deep.