Goin’ Deep Show 1622: The DIY sex toy

IN STUDIO:  Kid and Kleen kick things off with an old fan favorite… the one and only Spoo.  We also get a call from Wally and he’s pissed his pants. Kid teases a new segment coming up that revolves around one of our mothers and we tell you how to get service at Best Buy.  We dive into some pretty heavy news including a women who injured her pussy with a saber saw and some asshole who jammed cement up his asshole. Listen in and go Fucking Deep.

Goin’ Deep Show 1601: Recap of the last 100

Kid and Kleen go over the last 100 episodes… or make an attempt to.  We manage to get through only 50 of them but its a good way to catch up if you’re a lazy fuck who has fallen behind.  Listen in and Go Deep.