Goin’ Deep Show 1615: Waking from a dream pissed

IN STUDIO:  Kid, Kleen and Endo get in studio for this episode of the show where we kick things off discussing the new store and some merchandise you can now purchase at goindeepshow.com/shop We ask Kleen to discuss how he could have some action with a larger than normal lady, Endo gets distracted on her goddamn phone and the Kid calls her out about it a few times and we come to the conclusion that the Kid is pissed off 90 percent of the time and its exactly the way he wants it. Endo outlines her lesbian fantasies, tells us about a dream that woke her up all pissed off and we play the Johnny Depp vs Amber heard clip. We try to get everyone on board with a dildo made from the ashes of your partner after they kick the bucket. Listen in and go Fucking Deep.