Goin’ Deep Show 1624: Mr. Kleen’s veiny nutsack

Kid, Kleen and Endo in studio talk a ton about sex toys.  Kid flips the fuck out when Endo starts yammering on flicking her phone around.  We talk Dildos, Lovers Lane awkward sales people, old guys and cock rings.  Kleen tells us about the time he had a chick fuck his nut up, how its effected bjs and tag team sex.

Goin’ Deep Show 1602: Shut the hell up nerds

Kid and Kleen attempt to recap a few more of the last 100 but then simply get distracted and go off on a tangent. Endo calls in mid show to correct the Kid who is pissed off at nerds who think because they saw something 5 years ago that it means something because they saw it first.  Fuck that shit ya lame assholes. Listen in and go Fucking Deep.