Goin’ Deep Show 1718: Sorry White guy

Kid, Kleen and Zaldor talk about Kleen dating a chick with no tits, fucking her in the ass and then having a beer with her parents.  We make fun of big titted local podcaster bitches, Make fun of masks, eating ass, watching baseball and hangovers.  Its all of the topics all of the things. Go Deep. 

Goin’ Deep Show 1593: No Mo Dick

Kid and Kleen in studio discussing all sorts of dumb shit. We kick things off with some clip of a brother telling his girl what she won’t be getting if she keeps acting up. Kid tells everyone things need to be fair even when it sucks and we ask Mr. Kleen if he’d bang his Cooch’s mom.  We play a random sex position game with the porn box, get grossed out by huge pussy lips and cutting them off then wrap up with female doctors chopping cocks off. Its simple everyone.  Listen and go fucking deep.