Goin’ Deep Show 1652: Baby Oil Wrestling

Kid and Kleen welcome all of you to what you already know.  It’s The Goin’ Deep Show. In this episode we dive hard into the new VIP website for those special enough to know about it. We ask about other shows like our very own. Kid thinks Endo likes nasty cum smells and we talk about some Apple shit, Midgets riding black cock, Tiger Woods and stupid fucking hair on hot chicks. Listen in and  Go Deep.

Goin’ Deep Show 1645: Saving Kids from Danger

We found a new favorite kids show and it involves some dude flying around by his wang in Denmark. Kid is suspicious of his Samsung TV, gets confused with Kleen tries to explain who the Barbarian is and we ask if Kleen would date a stabbing murderer. He tries to pitch a TV show he’s […]