Goin’ Deep Show 1697: Second guessing Mr. Jobs

Kid and Kleen ask if Mr. Apple himself would be happy or stunned by the fucked up shit his inventions have made. We try to track down porn houses, collect load and ask how much porn your phone really needs. Go Deep.

Goin’ Deep Show 1617: Doctor Glaze vs Captain Cum

IN STUDIO:  Time to offend and piss off as many people as we possibly can. Mr. Kleen talks titties… of course, we do some throwbacks to the old days of the show including our feature in the newspaper, teasers to original podfather Adam Curry’s podcast, Paralyzer’s clip talking about ordering pizza and we try to celebrate pronouns day.  We read about celebrity pastors getting a little too freaky with hookers when he’s supposed to be faithful and The Pope now says it’s okay do all sorts of extra shit with whoever you want…. or did he.  Lots of Holy Shit talk in this one. We wrap up with The Kid trying to give a shit about social networks starting to babysit every fucking word we think. Listen in and go Fucking Deep