Goin’ Deep Show 1463: Sex in strange places

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Kid welcomes in Endo, Wild Rose and Juice where we discuss how dumb NFL players are, Tinder vs Instagram and how to people watch like crazy on it. Juice says he thinks he’s in a bad category but we disagree and give him a proper title. 

Meanwhile the ladies of the show just start dropping random ass the entire time and we all realize potty humor is always funny.

Wild Rose gives us the next big adventure that she’s heading to.

Endo wants to talk about sex in strange places which leads to some Hockeytown bathroom nastiness.

We talk sore vagina, how many black out nights effect the number of sexual partners in the count off and we wrap with getting an update on Tits McGee and her decade long absence from the show.

Listen in and Go Deep. 

Goin’ Deep Show 1462: Wild Rose can take a dick

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Kid welcomes in the lovely ladies in this episode and it includes Endo and Wild Rose. Discuss the game between the guys and the girls.  We make it aware to the world that Wild Rose is not putting up with your shit and neither is Endo. Wild Rose tells all boys to just stop shitting on women who don’t respond to your advances.

The Kid reminds everyone that he just got out of a relationship with a maniac.  On Tap Kid is drinking some KBS and he has no idea why its so damn expensive.  Wally joins in about half way and Kid catches up with his take on getting kicked out of a Traverse City Bar, Wild Rose tells us about hooking up with peeps on Instagram and we really fire off on how kids ruin our fucking lives. We wrap with Wild Rose giving us the scoop on her last bang session and we talk foreplay or not foreplay. Listen in and Go Deep. 

This week in Goin’ Deep Show history JMac lights up his counter after puking

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In this weeks clip of classic Goin’ Deep Show the Mayor JMac and Wally do some day drinking after an afternoon of stuffing their faces at Pizza Hut.  The pizza wins in this one as Wally reveals to the world that JMac is a pussy puker and yacked it up after mixing shots. Did we mention he then lights the countertop on fire. Go Deep.