Wild Rose visits the Goin’ Deep Show Padded Room

EPISODE 1307: Kid welcomes in Silverback, Red Eye, Dago Unchained and brand spanking new hottie Wild Rose. We ask how the hell Red Eye was able to coax her into a conversation let alone getting her into the studio. We get to know The Wild Rose throughout this episode where she calls out Red Eye for his hair being gone. The Kid asks all the sorts of the normal dirty questions and we discover that Red Eye has a real problem with Kaitlyn J. Anderson. We recap a few of this weeks deaths and we get to know Wild Roses BJ skills which include all shapes and sizes even micro. Go Deep.

EPISODE 1308: Kid, Silverback, Red Eye, Dago Unchained and the lovely Wild Rose give you all the bullshit you’d expect from the Goin’ Deep Show. Topics include this weeks hottie of the week Abigail Ratchford and we come to the conclusion that Red Eye has been wronged by Kaitlyn J. Anderson for some reason but he won’t tell us why. We bring up the Michiganbayhotties website and get super fucking serious discussing Dago’s recent split with the wife. Red Eye gets into the past twisted map of sluts he’s banged which included Dago’s wife. This one gets a little serious but the Kid pulls it from the fire by promoting the new PHEEND.com site. Go Deep

EPISODE 1309: In this Episode of Goin’ Deep Show we welcome Silverback, Red Eye, Dago Unchained and the lovely Wild Rose. This is a special interactive edition where we tell everyone to go to Guess Her Muff so you can play along and see the Muff we discuss. If we weren’t so damn lazy we’d actually put the photo links here but that would be too easy for you dumbasses.  Go Deep.