Goin’ Deep Show 1442: The horny lesbo just wanted to hear your voice

IN THIS EPISODE OF THE GOIN’ DEEP SHOW: Welcome to goddamn 2019 bitches.  The Kid is back in studio with longtime GDS host Mr, Kleen. In this episode the Kid asks Kleen if he ever jams a digit up his own ass when he’s jerking off.  We meet his lady Cannons and she reveals a few things that we’re just not comfortable with. We hit up some news of Preachers morning little boys and Steven Tyler parking little girls. We get a call from our friend the horny lesbian and we get to know how to meet on P.O.F. Set in buckle up and welcome to 2019 motherfuckers. Go Deep.

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In Studio Mr. Kleen and Cannons

1:00 The Intros

2:00 Where the mother fuck has Kleen been

3:00 Putting fingers in a guys butt

4:00 More ass stuff

5:00 We forgot to talk about jerking off

6:00 600 preachers raping children

7:00 Murder vs Rape

8:00 Fighting for Evil

9:00 Family member vs Baby Site

10:00 The threesome with family members

11:00 The Lesbo calls Kleen

12:00 Kleen sticks a finger in his own butt

13:00 Lesbo gets off on the phone

14:00 Steven Tylor porks underage girls

15:00 More Steven Tylor shit

16:00 Hey Aerosmith take my daughter

17:00 Getting knocked up and killing kids

18:00 Meet Cannons

19:00 How Kleen stores his tittle pics

20:00 We did not date

21:00 Jerking off to meet up

22:00 How quick before you pork

23:00 Kleen is getting old

24:00 What guys look at vs What girls do

25:00 What happened to that bitch

26:00 Mr. Kleen face hair

27:00 Coloring your hair

28:00 Wrap-up: Do you color your pubes

29:00 Final Words – Minnie pearl