Goin’ Deep Show 1456: In a bloody vagina baby

Kid welcomes back Mr. Kleen and he has with him his new lady friend known as Mischief.  Kelso also sits in but doesn’t want to say shit on the mic.  We think she’s just here for the free beer. Kid appreciates the fact that Mr. Kleen found someone who is just as awful and disgusting as he is. The Kid gives the rundown on what song he wants to remaster and Mr. Kleen sends in some lists of fat pornstars he’d bang. Mischief gives us her favorite show titles and Kleen and I throw down a few hotties of the week like we used to do. The Kid gives an assignment to the listeners to remake the song Come On Eileen with nasty dirty lyrics and cumshot sound effects put in the song.  Kid plays a classic clip from the Qweefer episode but does a little remix. We wrap up asking Kleen if he’s gonna get some banging in with his girthy dick. Go Deep

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