Goin’ Deep Show 1595: Time for chicken sex

IN STUDIO:  Kid and Kleen go hard on this episode of the Goin’ Deep Show were they dive pretty solid on how we hate everyone equally, wag our finger at political correctness, Kid has decided to make fun of which potty people choose to go in then talks shit about words that make people squirm. He rips on some bands he  wish would just die in a plane crash already then does some headlines about a guy fucking a chicken, gives out his favorite pro wrestler, sex workers learning the inter web and Mr. Kleen attempting to sell his farts on Ebay. We wrap discussing where a few local podcasters went and dish out a Paralyzer’s Hottie of the Week. Listen in and go Fucking Deep. 


1:00 Cooch is bias – Loves Kleen long time   

2:00 Snowflake sensitivities 

3:00 We non-hate everyone

4:00 Political Correct bullshit 

5:00 You decide to listen – nobody is forcing you 

6:00 Gender fluid female 

7:00 Which potty do i go in?  

8:00 Talk shit to specifics – n-bomb on n-bomb crime 

9:00 Look what we did – First to do this bullshit 

10:00 Bands I can’t stand – Nickelback – T.O.A.D.M.

11:00 Five Finger Death Punch with Jack Black on Lead vocals 

12:00 Watered down lame music 

13:00 Chicken – Man jailed for chicken sex 

14:00 This is a sick fuck 

15:00 Return of the donut fucker 

16:00 Kid’s favorite pro wrestler 

17:00 Million Dollar man? – Rowdy Rodd Piper 

18:00 Hot Trailer park girl 

19:00 Sex Workers 

20:00 Why should we take advice from idiots 

21:00 Kleen tried to sell farts 

22:00 Show pretty much the same as this shit – no free speech 

23:00 They could have been champions 

24:00 Kleen bringing hot big titted bitches to the show 

25:00 Marla Stocker Back Tats, Tit Tats, Front Tats 

26:00 Marla Stocker – Strap on peg time 

27:00 Reading things and getting the squirmy 

28:00 Solid Nerf Tits 

29:00 Final Words – O.J. Masturbation

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