Goin’ Deep Show 1596: Caught Zoom jackin’

IN STUDIO:  Kid and Mr. Kleen make fun of assholes who don’t know when they’re jerking off on zoom, Kid asks if everyone else in the world knows about other peoples relationships then plays a clip of relationship export, O.J. Simpson to making fun of the Jerker Jerking off on Zoom. We do a teacher getting fingered by a student story, tell Rose McGowan to go to hell and shut the fuck up for once and wrap it up with some fat sex workers getting their daughters to film them when they’re putting food all over their nasty naked bodies. 

Listen in and go Fucking Deep. 


1:00 Embarrassing masturbation stories  

2:00 Rub one out before – A time and place 

3:00 Asking to do it might be weird

4:00 How do you assume this is weird 

5:00 We have no clue about others relationships 

6:00 Decide to get the fuck out – How far 

7:00 I think O.J. has something to say 

8:00 O.J. getting away with murder – Clip 

9:00 O.J. should just go away 

10:00 Kid’s gonna jack on Youtube 

11:00 Jacki’ it and done in 15 seconds 

12:00 Mom wants to ride a 10 inch schlong 

13:00 Teacher is deep shit 

14:00 Lets not think of the 10 commandments

15:00 Details on the crime 

16:00 The crush turning physical 

17:00 Life is just scandal after scandal 

18:00 Everybody’s whipping their shit and jackin 

19:00 What’s allowed – F you Rose McGowan 

20:00 Fatties – Plus sized porn viewers

21:00 Kleen seeing daddy ween 

22:00 X rated mom and daughter sex work 

23:00 Bloating to the size of a semi truck 

24:00 Laughing at food on my fat mom 

25:00 What a women should weigh 

26:00 Energy to stuff your face?  

27:00 Hottie of the week – MKSCGWOTW – Jilian Janson 

28:00 Teasers  

29:00 Final Words – Thanks to Zaldor

Go Deep.

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