Goin’ Deep Show 1606: Two girls, One Dildo

IN STUDIO:  Kid, Endo, L.G. HI HO Thundercat in on this one where we attempt to give all the traits that a woman wants in a man… HA! Fuckin’ lame.  Kid tries to gage on what is considered cheating and it includes lots of arms that have fallen asleep, tied to other arms and i think there was a double ended dildo involved at one point.  We talk itchy butt scratching, who wants to bang Endo’s mom and we wrap with quality time, couples doing pathetic couples type things and how much food to get when your lady can’t even make up her mind where to go let alone if she wants something.  Listen in and go Fucking Deep. 


1:00 Thundercats HO. Are you itchy  

2:00 When is the last time you itched your butt 

3:00 The Stranger and the Kid’s tips on jerkin’

4:00 For instance – two girls – one dildo 

5:00 Where is the line? – That shit aint flyin’ 

6:00 The chain of jerk off – NOPE! 

7:00 Mom walks in porno 

8:00 Who wants to bang Endo’s mom 

9:00 LB getting shit under control in the pube dpt. 

10:00 Consistent downloads and listeners 

11:00 Nobody wants a hell beast to ruin their life 

12:00 Not allowed to be a step mom 

13:00 Guys don’t change all that much 

14:00 Endo hates all holidays – Fuck Family 

15:00 Endo not using notes – HO don’t wanna know 

16:00 What the fuck did we talk about – Crowley Therapist 

17:00 HI HO drink really fast and leave nothing – Kid buying food 

18:00 Endo doesn’t want all the calories – get your own 

19:00 What girls want – the list etc.  

20:00 Beavers couple dating observations 

21:00 Kid opening car doors – HIHO

22:00 I can open my own fucking door 

23:00 Eye contact is a must – Harder to when you talk about it 

24:00 Making the races are all represented in stock art 

25:00 Making up your freaking mind 

26:00 Beef with quality time – Whats that mean 

27:00 Spending time with the girls 

28:00 Quit being gay – Quality time 

29:00 Final Words – Rub my fucking back – Oh Shit We’re done poop

Go Deep.

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