Goin’ Deep Show 1607: Ladies reinventing porn

IN STUDIO:  Kid and Mr. Kleen dive into a sex cult, women try to reinvent porno and Kid asks if it’s okay for Mr. Kleen’s daughter to work at Hooters.  Kleen gives us a dead porn star to look up and we plow through some headlines, mention Melanie Griffith and think about starting a cult. Listen in and go Fucking Deep. 


1:00 Updating out wires 

2:00 Kleen from work – Comfy dirty coat 

3:00 When we trip and fall – broken hips

4:00 Famous Director quote 

5:00 Women try to hide their loose slut-ness 

6:00 Ron Jeremy with more rape accusations 

7:00 Women trying to reinvent porn 

8:00 Kleen’s daughter not working at Hooters 

9:00 Big Tits Shapely figure 

10:00 Shayla Styles – Kleen tangent 1 

11:00 Forgetting your strength in the moment 

12:00 Mr. Kleen broke the bitches rib 

13:00 Plowing through the headlines 

14:00 Sex Cults 

15:00 Branding them like Cattle 

16:00 Kleen read something 

17:00 Details on the sex cult 

18:00 Sex Cult setup – An organizer 

19:00 Mr. Kleen and Charlie 

20:00 Charlie Chaplin 

21:00 Melanie Griffith 

22:00 Fucked her face right up

23:00 Kleen moisturizes his hold face 

24:00 Read me a story Kid 

25:00 Reading for the slow readers 

26:00 Call em S Something 

27:00 Mr. Kleen earning his keep 

28:00 Spotify users threatening to cancel 

29:00 Final Words – Hangover Episode

Go Deep.

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