Goin’ Deep Show 1609: Death to country music

IN STUDIO:  Kid and Endo get in studio waiting for Mr. Kleen to quit circle jerking at the polls.  Endo says she’ll ride the pole, dance around it and sends a shout out to our second favorite podcast.  Kid tells the world what turns him on, Endo give us her hallpass, it just happens to be someone sho had shit in their bed. We talk about where in the world people would listen to our nonsense and you’d be surprised.  Listen in and go Fucking Deep. 


1:00 Mr. Kleen and the Orange Cheeto 

2:00 Spun on the pole.  Doing some Dancing 

3:00 Bringing up special stuff not in every day life

4:00 Everyone should be like Mike from Red Bar Radio 

5:00 Endo cracks up at the Random Shit on Red Bar 

6:00 Talk about shit we’ve never brought up 

7:00 Bringing it up on the show 

8:00 What porn did you watch yesterday 

9:00 Pube bush around my dong 

10:00 Killing Country Music Fans 

11:00 Endo’s Mom, The Kid’s fantasy 

12:00 Pinky vs The Elbow  

13:00 Uncomfortable subjects and bringing them up 

14:00 Endo’s Hallpass – Johnny Depp

15:00 You can tell a Dog Shit from a Human Shit 

16:00 Banging all over the place 

17:00 Why don’t you wanna do the work 

18:00 Endo’s pussy is a little jewel 

19:00 Endo thinks I don’t like the toys 

20:00 The Kid’s ears 

21:00 Gag on a hairball 

22:00 Giving the Covid to someone vulnerable 

23:00 Recording our asses off 

24:00 Kid always answers the questions 

25:00 When is your favorite time to have sex 

26:00 Banging in the studio 

27:00 Dodging the news shit 

28:00 People in DC listening to the GDS 

29:00 Final Words – You are pathetic

Go Deep.

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