Goin’ Deep Show 1610: Nibbling on Feet

IN STUDIO:  Kid and Mr. Kleen get in studio to discuss some random bullshit and kill 30 minutes of your day.  Par for the motherfucking course.  In this one we talk about Social networks that our kids are on, Yanking your crank since you were 12 years old and election shit. Kid makes from of hicks and we’re still wondering where the Civil War is that was supposed to take place.   Listen in and go Fucking Deep. 


1:00 Kleen’s headphones jacked up – big butt 

2:00 We want to make fun of Chinese, Election and boners 

3:00 We make fun of everyone – The list of words

4:00 Kleen pleases himself.  Kid usually dutch rudders 

5:00 Yanking your crank since you were 12 years old 

6:00 Technology is awesome when it works 

7:00 Yelling at the dog licking 

8:00 Throw yourself into a female’s mindset 

9:00 Heel nibble 

10:00 I don’t give a fuck who you voted for 

11:00 Ballot count 

12:00 Fucking retards 

13:00 Three states behind the count 

14:00 Where’s the civil war 

15:00 Hillrods and signs and flags 

16:00 Don’t get into the Kleen list – Swords 

17:00 Extreme mortal combat 

18:00 Mortal Combat – Johnny Cage 

19:00 Voodoo Tattoo 

20:00 The Horny Devil 

21:00 The Ex text – 

22:00 Kleen bangs and 16 years later a DD is here

23:00 The Kid on Tik Tok 

24:00 Kleen’s daughter not doing the tik tok 

25:00 The daughters boyfriends – Ban insta 

26:00 Getting amp’d like deer widow weekend 

27:00 Hoggin’ but a little better 

28:00 Pole Dancing Skeleton for Halloween 

29:00 Final Words -Burp

Go Deep.

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