Goin’ Deep Show 1611: Swooping in on a Hooters girl

IN STUDIO:  Kid tries to get cancelled right off the bat in this one.  Says all the wrong words that you’re not supposed to say and doesn’t really give a single fuck. We talk about friends of the show who kept their virginity by doing it in the butt.  Red Eye swooping in and gobbling up sad girls who were having fights with their real boyfriends and Mr. Kleen describes his high bed, The bachelor party tape that we have in our possession and we get a call from The Lesbo and she’s pissed because we don’t like ugly people.  Listen in and go Fucking Deep. 


1:00 Cancellation right off the bat 

2:00 Head is a guy thing 

3:00 Daughter heading stupid shit

4:00 Kids knowing what the fuck is going on 

5:00 Dont’ invest your time until you’re thirty 

6:00 You can’t have shit babies 

7:00 Concerned about Twat Cumphrey – Watrick Jacobs 

8:00 Hilarious in the butt for virginity 

9:00 The virginity thing is a big deal 

10:00 Twat and Watrick 

11:00 Kleen and his high bed 

12:00 The sexually intimidating bed 

13:00 Love of the Chinese 

14:00 Weird eyes – eating bats 

15:00 Hit it Doggie and their amazing body 

16:00 I can’t see the date lets eat it 

17:00 Poisoning dudes 

18:00 You can’t have oral or shit babies 

19:00 You don’t do it. Don’t do ugly 

20:00 The Lesbian loves her ugliness 

21:00 She bailed because she couldn’t handle it 

22:00 At least look at their face if they’re fatties 

23:00 Kleen and his fuck buddies 

24:00 Red Eye swoops in and bangs em while they’re down 

25:00 Red Eye bangs the Hooter girl of his dreams 

26:00 Gimpy and McGimps-alot 

27:00 Lets get the description from her 

28:00 Endo dong grabbing 

29:00 Final Words – dumb real life things

Go Deep.

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