Goin’ Deep Show 1612: Unemployed Orgasm Dude

IN STUDIO:  Kid and Kleen yap about a motherfucker who can have more orgasms than any human being should have… and for no apparent reason. Kid describes his hard on two minutes before the show is supposed to kick live, gets pissed at technology and we talk about the new apparel that we want from CUM. We explain satan, porn on billboards, have a hottie of the week and tell you a movie to go watch where Keanu has a threesome and almost dies.  Listen in and go Fucking Deep. 


1:00 Kleen and his microphone situation 

2:00 The pregame in the studio – Singing

3:00 Kid and mortal combat singing

4:00 Kleen singing in front of people – Tight throat 

5:00 Morning hug vs back crack – robe butt exposure 

6:00 Whoa Kleen said Black boy 

7:00 Where is this dumb bitch? 

8:00 Kleen almost said assgasm  

9:00 Unemployed orgasmo dude 

10:00 Orgasmo Dude audio clips 

11:00 Clip of the 100 orgasm a day guy 

12:00 Orgasm such a problem – still eating 

13:00 I never want to have an orgasm again 

14:00 Orgasm vs being turned on 

15:00 Studio setup with a hardon 

16:00 Smelling salts  

17:00 Screaming like a little bitch 

18:00 Kid pissed at technology – WTF 

19:00 What’s good for your pecker 

20:00 Cooch and her hoodie 

21:00 Devil on the shitter – Devil explains 

22:00 CUM apparel  

23:00 CUM right on the tittle area – story 

24:00 Porno on the digital billboard 

25:00 Hottie of the Week – New News site 

26:00 Ask for permission – Kleen is fucking blind 

27:00  Ana DeArmas

28:00  Cuban details

29:00 Final Words – Keanu Reeves head in the ground

Go Deep.

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